What type of printing solution do you need?

The Flexible Film & Packaging solution

The capability of latest flexo presses, to automatically set print impression and registration, provides a means to increase press utilisation, establish consistent print quality and minimise waste, however they rely on consistent flexo printing forms, to ensure printers can fully utilise these press advantages. Lead Lasers range of solutions, products and services are perfectly suited for the flexible packaging market and can be customised to suit exact client requirements.

The Label & Carton solution

The narrow web printing market is a diverse sector, with the requirement to form ultra high resolution graphics for a wide range of applications, using a number of different processes on to several different substrates. This places huge demands on printers in terms of quality, consistency and press performance. The solutions and products of Lead Lasers are capable to convert a wide variety of printing forms, including flexo, letterpress, dryoffset, screen printing and anilox cleaning, all using the same single system.

THE Beverage can and aluminum tube solution

Dry-Offset printing plates produced using the DLE process, demonstratie significant quality improvements over those produced using film or CDI digital polymer, in particular DLE’s capability to engrave “under-surface” dots, which can be printed to a smooth fading vignette, means that printing can take a huge leap in quality, when using laser engraved dry-offset plates.

The Corrugated box solution

For many years, Corrugated Pre-printers have been capable to produce high resolution graphics using flexo plates and sleeves. Having a stable coated board surface, and wide web In-line or CI (Cental Impression) printing presses, means that pre-printed board have been used in a wide range of high quality box products. However as modern Post-print presses are now capable of printing graphics of 60 l/cm (150 L/in) and beyond, the demands are increasing for printing forms, which can be produced fast, with high quality repeatable graphics and can be durable for long life time. Contact Lead Lasers for a FlexoPerfect solution.

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Security printing Solution & Printed electronic Solution

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The flexo print form is a fundamental part of the printing process and has a significant impact on ink transfer and cleanliness of the inking process.

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Flexo is a contact and pressure sensitive process. Increasing printing pressure, influences ink transfer and has a significant impact on print quality and performance

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The shape and consistency of anilox cells makes a huge impact on ink transfer and cleanliness of the inking process to the printing plate.

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Dried ink in anilox cells, can cause significant change in print densities. The FlexoStar laser can clean dried ink from even the smallest cells.

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Controlling the variables in the Pre-press of the flexo process, helps to eliminate variations and printing defects.

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When printing at high speeds, any variations in accuracy or out-of-balance of rotating parts, are magnified and can lead to vibrations.

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Save time, save money

Save time, save money

The only thing you need is a simple digital workflow. Pre-press Rip creates a 1 bit TIFF input for the laser engraver (seamless is possible). The laser calculates dot formation during engraving.