Super HD Flexo imaging at 5080 dpi, 200 lpi (80 lpc) screen with 0.5% dot

In these competitive times, it is essential that branded C.P.C. designs are perfectly reproduced, fast and efficiently on to a wide variety of different products. From artwork to printing, each stage requires careful control of quality and management of variables, to ensure a successful result.  Imagine a product that can take you from Design to Perfect print in a single process.

Direct CTP is the only single process system that converts a 2 dimensional digital image, into a 3 D printing form, ready for press. Direct CTP not only reproduces images as small as 10 um ( Screen counts 200 l/in, 0.5% dot) into a variety of different flexo sleeve and plate materials, but it also controls the printed dot profile to ensure exact reproduction of the image, in press.

As a fully digital process, images can be created at one location and following client approval, can be immediately imaged into a finished printing form on the FlexoStar Direct CTP at another location. This ensures exact reproduction of the high resolution image in a single process in the fastest possible time. As the Direct CTP maintains exact reproduction of the image, dot gains are predictable and controllable within acceptable standards.

IMPROVED INK TRANSFER, by correct specification and quality control of Anilox and anilox cleaning
The size, shape and consistency of anilox cells makes a huge impact on ink transfer and cleanliness of the inking process to the printing plate. This impacts on solid print densities, tonal range and cleanliness of the printing process. Anilox engraving and anilox cleaning using the FlexoStar provides a FLEXOPERFECT solution.
• Control the Anilox
• Control the ink transfer


Flexo is a contact and pressure sensitive process. Increasing printing pressure, influences ink transfer and has a significant impact on print quality and performance

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The shape and consistency of anilox cells makes a huge impact on ink transfer and cleanliness of the inking process to the printing plate.

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The flexo print form is a fundamental part of the printing process and has a significant impact on ink transfer and cleanliness of the inking process.

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Controlling the variables in the Pre-press of the flexo process, helps to eliminate variations and printing defects.

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Dried ink in anilox cells, can cause significant change in print densities. The FlexoStar laser can clean dried ink from even the smallest cells.

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When printing at high speeds, any variations in accuracy or out-of-balance of rotating parts, are magnified and can lead to vibrations.

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Save time, save money

Save time, save money

The only thing you need is a simple digital workflow. Pre-press Rip creates a 1 bit TIFF input for the laser engraver (seamless is possible). The laser calculates dot formation during engraving.