Lead Lasers introduces the Flexostar PLATEMASTER

Based upon numerous requests from the market to have a compact High Resulution DLE Plate system we are very happy to announce today our latest DLE system. A DLE system which perfectly combines compact dimensions and High Resolution engravings purely for black EPDM plates. We are proud to introduce the Flexostar PlateMaster.

The Flexostar PlateMaster is a compact DLE system equipped with a 600Watt YAG Fiber laser.                     The PlateMaster comes in two versions:
1. Flexo version which is equipped with a fixed clamp vacuum drum (850mm Length / 1250mm Repeat) for black EPDM plates.
2. Dry Offset version which is equipped with a fixed Magnetic drum (850mm Length / TBD mm Repeat) for metal backed black EPDM plates. 

For higher engraving speeds the PlateMaster can also be equipped with two YAG Fiber lasers (TwinFlex) with a total power of 1200 Watt. 

In the recent past Lead Lasers successfully introduced several new variants of its DLE machines
where Speed, Line screen and Resolution improvements are made. Some examples are:
- Flexostar PrintMaster HYBRID
- Flexostar IMAGE & Flexostar PrintMaster TwinFlex

Contact Lead Lasers for more information or a quote for a Flexostar PlateMaster (TwinFlex) laser system.

The advantage of Direct Computer to Print

The advantage of Direct Computer to Print

Fast overall process with a simple digital workflow.

Total digital dot creation controls dot shape, relief depth and dot height

Direct engraving of ITR seamless continuous sleeves

Direct engraving eliminates washout and drying process

Perfect registration of plates and sleeves

'Cal-Kwik' automatic material calibration for engraving Polymer or Elastomer

'Perfect Balance' automatically re-balances the print form for high-speed printing