In the recent past Lead Lasers successfully introduced several new variants fo its DLE machines wehere Speed, Line screen and Resolution improvements are made. 

The TwinFlex combines all the versatile design features of the Printmaster series with the addition of a new and unique feature: Two YAG-Fiber lasers which engrave simultaneously. The result of the ultimate combination is unique:
High Resolution Plus (up to 215 LPI @ 5080 DPI) engraving at high speeds. In other words the Ultimate Combination for trade shops, printers and converters who want to be ready for the future! The Printmaster TwinFlex can be equipped with various types of laser power up to 1200 Watt.

Contact Lead Lasers for more information or a quotation for a Flexostar Printmaster TwinFlex laser system.

Save time, save money

Save time, save money

The only thing you need is a simple digital workflow. Pre-press Rip creates a 1 bit TIFF input for the laser engraver (seamless is possible). The laser calculates dot formation during engraving.