Lead Lasers sells Flexostar Myriad to Africa

October 2012

Picture – Mostafa & Mehdi  and  Jacques,  Arthur

Lead Lasers are pleased to announce the sale of a Flexostar - Printmaster Myriad laser, to Africa to a rubber roll manufacturer.  

Arthur van der Weijden, Managing Director of Lead comments, “We are delighted with our first sales to Africa. We look forward to supporting this company as they move forward with engraved rollers for their different markets.

The multiple beam Flexostar Myriad  laser selected , is one of the most advanced Direct laser systems in the market today and is capable to produce laser engraved rollers, sleeves and printing plates for a wide range of printing and industrial applications”.

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Save time, save money

Save time, save money

The only thing you need is a simple digital workflow. Pre-press Rip creates a 1 bit TIFF input for the laser engraver (seamless is possible). The laser calculates dot formation during engraving.