FlexoStar PrintMaster

Richard F Songer, President, Luminite Products Corp

“As the pioneer of continuous laser engraved flexographic print cylinders in North America, we have witnessed first-hand the steady evolution of laser engraving systems. The FlexoStar PrintMaster from Lead Lasers is by far the most advanced and reliable system that we have ever owned. This system allows us to meet our clients demands for exact reproduction of their designs into a wide variety of products and materials. This means we can choose the perfect elastomeric material to suit their printing needs.

The PrintMasters automatic calibration function, Cal-Kwik, allows us to consistently form the same images into different materials, making calibration a quick and easy function.”

Richard F. Songer                                              President          Luminite Products Corporation


Save time, save money

Save time, save money

The only thing you need is a simple digital workflow. Pre-press Rip creates a 1 bit TIFF input for the laser engraver (seamless is possible). The laser calculates dot formation during engraving.